I love a good podcast, don’t you? According to podcast resource Buzzsprout, 104 million Americans–which is one-third of the country–listen to podcasts too. If you’re looking for a new podcast or several to check out and you want to boost your affiliate marketing game, you can kill two birds with one stone. What are the best affiliate marketing podcasts?

Here are my most recommended podcasts for advice on affiliate marketing:

  • AffiliateINSIDER Podcast
  • The Affiliate Guy Podcast
  • Awin Talks 
  • The Smart Passive Income Online and Blogging Podcast
  • Affiliate Underground
  • The Side Hustle Show
  • Doug. Show Podcast  
  • Ultimate Affiliate Marketing
  • Above and Beyond Affiliate Marketing
  • The Authority Hacker Podcast
  • The Affiliate Gameplan
  • This Is Affiliate Marketing with Shawn Collins

Are these podcasts new to you? Good! Ahead, I’ll go through and explain each podcast, including who hosts it, the history, and what you can learn. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have plenty of listening material to stock up on.

The 12 Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts to Listen to As You Gear Up to Earn Passive Income

AffiliateINSIDER Podcast

If you want affiliate marketing tips, look no further than the AffiliateINSIDER podcast

The podcast is hosted by Lee-Ann Johnstone. If you haven’t heard of Johnstone, she’s AffiliateINSIDER’s CEO and has been declared a Top 50 UK Affiliate Agency Owner in 2021 by the Drum Agency Census.

In her podcast, Lee-Ann talks about the current state of affiliate marketing and what the future looks like. She frequently interviews professionals who have similarly succeeded at affiliate marketing like she has. 

The AffiliateINSIDER podcast has four seasons of content to enjoy! 

The Affiliate Guy Podcast

Matt McWilliams is The Affiliate Guy, a favorite podcast host for aspiring affiliate marketers to listen to.

McWilliams has quite the impressive resume, having worked with over 300,000 affiliates who represent such large companies as Adidas and Shutterfly. In his time in affiliate marketing, Matt has also assisted countless entrepreneurs.

As an award-winner affiliate manager, Matt’s podcast is full of awesome little nuggets of information. 

You’ll learn what it takes to start an affiliate business, including hiring staff, how to find affiliates, and how to make major affiliate bank over the holidays.

The Affiliate Guy podcast has been around for years, so you’ll have a lot of content to go back, dig through, and sink your teeth into.  

Awin Talks: Affiliate Marketing Insights

Awin Talks is another affiliate marketing podcast I’m very fond of. 

Awin is a global affiliate marketing network. The company’s team came together to do a podcast, and aren’t we lucky for that? 

The show is hosted by Rob Davidson, the content analyst, and features input by the global client strategy director Kevin Edwards and data analyst Craig Foster.

You don’t necessarily have to use the Awin network to get the most out of the podcast (but I recommend you do, especially if you’re a publisher or advertiser).

The same kind of excellent market insights you would expect on Awin’s website is condensed into audio information on the Awin Talks podcast. 

Established in 2018, the podcast goes into niche topics like ad disclosure, referral marketing, and more. Rob, Kevin, and Craig regularly sit down with marketing professionals to discuss opinions and insights too.

The team uploads a new podcast episode about once a month as of current! 

The Smart Passive Income Online and Blogging Podcast

Pat Flynn is the voice behind The Smart Passive Income Online and Blogging Podcast

A big name in affiliate marketing for years, Pat has successfully forged a multitude of passive income streams that have changed his life for the better. 

For more than a decade now, he’s made enough money to support himself and his family only from his affiliate marketing businesses.

If this sounds like something you want to aspire to as well, then you can’t miss this podcast. 

Pat takes a thoughtful, story-driven approach to affiliate marketing that I like very much. You’ll find him personable so that listening to each podcast episode goes by fast!

I should note that as of April 2022, he sold the podcast, but it does appear that it’s ongoing, at least as of this writing.  

Affiliate Underground

Galel Fajardo and Derek Gehl are the creators of Affiliate Underground, a podcast that was once known as The Affiliate Report.

The show focuses on delving into “the rarely-spoken about truths from inside the affiliate marketing industry.” You’ll feel like you’re listening to secrets so you can further your affiliate marketing business.

Here are some episode titles from Affiliate Underground that I’m sure will whet your appetite: “How to Ethically Spy on Affiliate Competition,” “Productivity Hacks for Affiliate Marketers,” “Negative SEO,” and “How to Accelerate Your Success as a New Affiliate.”

As you can see, Galel and Derek venture off the beaten path of what an affiliate marketing podcast can be while still remaining relevant, and I and many others love them for it! 

The Side Hustle Show

Nick Loper is the founder of Side Hustle Nation, an affiliate marketing website he started in 2013. In his spare time, Nick hosts The Side Hustle Show, his affiliate marketing podcast.

According to Loper’s website, in the time since starting The Side Hustle Show, the podcast has been downloaded over 19 million times. 

With nearly 500 episodes, Nick makes it a habit to upload weekly audio content for his massive audience to digest and learn from. 

Sometimes, longtime Side Hustle Show listeners are invited on-air to ask questions of Nick or share their own experiences.

Who knows? That could just be you in that spot someday! 

Doug. Show Podcast

Like some of you reading this right now, Doug Cunnington once worked as a project manager. He later decided to get into affiliate marketing as well as YouTubing, blogging, and podcasting. Thus, we have the Doug. Show Podcast.

On the show, Doug regularly invites experts and affiliate marketers to discuss how they transitioned from a corporate, nine-to-five life into one of freedom through affiliate marketing. 

Whether his interview subjects experienced success, failure, or both, there’s something to learn from these interviews.

Doug also shares case studies and personal stories pertaining to his own journey in affiliate marketing across the 361 episodes of the Doug. Show Podcast. He uploads new episodes weekly. 

Ultimate Affiliate Marketing

I would suggest listening to the Ultimate Affiliate Marketing podcast too, which is Paul Mottley’s project.

Mottley discovered the secrets to successful affiliate marketing and wants to share his knowledge to help other upstarts like he once was. 

He already has a website that he uses to do that, but he started the Ultimate Affiliate Marketing podcast as well.

Across more than 300 episodes, Paul spotlights interesting professionals in the world of affiliate marketing. 

He’s also honest in his podcasts that affiliate marketing isn’t easy. For example, he almost quit at one point in mid-2021.

Admittedly, Mottley doesn’t update the Ultimate Affiliate Marketing podcast as often in 2022 as he has in years prior, but you still have a backlog of content to listen to before you reach the more current episodes. 

Above and Beyond Affiliate Marketing

How do you become a professional affiliate marketer? Listen to Jason Reiland’s podcast called Above and Beyond Affiliate Marketing.

Reiland created his podcast for entrepreneurs and marketers who are eager for affiliate marketing tips from a pro. 

His podcast focuses on determining barriers to success and overcoming them as well as discovering your skills to use them to your advantage. 

The Above and Beyond Affiliate Marketing podcast has exclusive bonus content you can’t find anywhere else on the web. Plus, Jason often discusses all sides of affiliate marketing with other pros.

I love his episode series called Simple Habits of Greatness, which he started in March 2022. These habits are easy to implement in your life and can make a big difference! 

The Authority Hacker Podcast

Both Mark Webster and Gael Breton have been in the affiliate marketing game for a long while. They’ve seen trends come and go and they know what has staying power. 

The two decided to start The Authority Hacker Podcast to help you get a feel for what the day-to-day life of an affiliate marketer is like. 

You can also listen to the team’s own trials and tribulations to forge a surer path for yourself.

Mark and Gael regularly talk about mistakes to avoid in affiliate marketing on the podcast. They also provide actionable steps for creating an editorial process, setting up your own sales funnel, and building better core web vitals. 

The Authority Hacker Podcast has 300+ episodes available to listen to with content added regularly.  

The Affiliate Gameplan 

To make his own affiliate marketing business a success, Wilhlem Winald had to spend a lot of money. Although he was earning money back, he knew that he could have streamlined his process.

That’s why he started The Affiliate Gameplan podcast. He’s giving back so other affiliate marketers can find a more affordable way to financial freedom. 

If you want to dive right in and listen to a short podcast over a weekend, this is the one. There are only 10 episodes so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

This Is Affiliate Marketing with Shawn Collins

I have one more affiliate marketing podcast to share with you, and that’s This Is Affiliate Marketing with Shawn Collins

Shawn entered the world of affiliate marketing long before the term was even on most people’s radar, all the way back in 1997. Yes, that’s right, I said 1997.

He’s watched as the Internet and online shopping have become pervasive parts of our life. Shawn has seen how social media has impacted affiliate marketing as well.

Due to how long he’s been an affiliate marketer, Shawn’s insights come from a unique place. You can listen to those insights across 100 episodes. 


There are so many ways to approach affiliate marketing that you might feel like you need some guidance along the way. The 12 podcasts I shared with you today collectively have thousands of hours of material for you to listen to.

Pick a couple that jumped out at you and start with those. Take your time as you listen and feel free to re-listen to absorb all the lessons being taught.

I promise that if you subscribe to even one of the podcasts on this list, you will learn to become a better affiliate marketer!