About Us

Motivate Motion is a website dedicated to helping you achieve your goals by providing daily inspiration and resources to help you stay motivated. Empowering entrepreneurs through principle-centered leadership. What’s your dream?

Our Story

It’s not often that you come across a website with a story. Most are built with one purpose in mind: to make money. While this is certainly a noble goal, it wasn’t ours. Motivate Motion was created with a mission and purpose.  We realized that there were very few websites that offered the “no fluff” truth about creating an online business. To fill that void, we provide the most actionable and helpful content possible.

We believe that building a strong foundation is essential to success. We believe in principled-centered leadership. We believe that everyone should have access to accurate, reliable information so they can make the best choices for themselves and their families. We believe in giving back.  We believe in people over profits.

Our goal is simple: to empower entrepreneurs through principle-centered leadership. Our mission: to inspire you to achieve greatness in all areas of life.

Motivate Motion is dedicated to helping you achieve your dream of financial freedom, and will constantly work to improve our site and provide value.

We’re here to help you succeed!

Principle-Centered Leadership

We strive to do what’s right over achieving short-term goals. We are committed to being a force for good, and we hope that you’ll help us inspire others to do the same.

Giving Back

We believe that when you’ve been given a lot, it’s only natural to want to give back. The smallest act of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s life. And that’s something we can all believe in.

People Over Profits

People over profits means that we value human life and well-being above financial gain. It means that we put the needs of people before the bottom line. It means that we prioritize relationships over money.

Let’s Work Together!

Reach out today and schedule your free consultation. Let us show you how we can help you take your business to the next level.